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Inspired by art streets around the world, Art Street Fair is one of a kind festival celebrating creativity of the city and its people by creating a temporary outdoor gallery for artists, musicians and performers. 


Different art mediums, from paintings to sculptures and craft items are exhibited and available to purchase from the artists.


Art Street Fair is a place where one can find that one-of-a-kind item and meet the artists in a non traditional space.


Presented by Little Unique



the space.
online exhibitions

The Space is an online exhibition platform for artists to exhibit their work. The new virtual fair connects artists with a vast audience no matter the "level". 

Featuring Rosa Lombardi, Shailee Adke Barde, Ros (Rosamund) Lowrey, Maia O'Callaghan, Muriel Garrett, Ken Garrett, Akanksha Kargwal, Sally Heritage, Anastasia Katalkina, Christen Watling, RobinScott



virtual  editions. 

Join us at the Art Street Fair virtual gallery! 

We are happy to present our new series of 3 Dimensional art fairs that will allow you to discover art and chat to artists in real-time no matter the “level”. 

In Art Street Fair Virtual Editions, you will…


  • Enjoy art in a 3D space: Meet artists and explore the space together with your friends.


  • Purchase art directly from artists. 

  • Flow naturally between conversations and have serendipitous interactions. If you want to talk to someone, you can simply walk over to them. 

  • Digital installations and talks.




Big Thanks to our funding partner



Are you an artist, musician or a performer who wants to participate in the Art Street Fair Series of events?                                                 Contact us:

Upcoming Events:

Art Street Fair - Browns bay, Auckland

                7 May 2022



Art Street Fair - Tauranga:

                 15 May 2022


Information for artists:

                 $10 participation fee

                 2.1m x 2.4m exhibition panel is provided



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