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Featuring New Zealand professional and emerging artists: Muriel Garrett, Ken Garrett, Beth Xia, Sally Heritage, Rosa Lombardi, Akanksha Kargwal, Shailee Adke Barde, Anastasia Katalkina, Ros (Rosamund) Lowrey, Maia O'Callaghan and RobinScott.

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Muriel Garrett

Muriel Garrett was born in England. She studied Fine Art at the Liverpool College of Art and Business Studies at Underwood Business College, Liverpool. Spent 3 years living in Paris and 18 years in SW France. Her studies encompassed fine art, ceramics, silversmithing, and silk screen printing.


Muriel enjoys painting atmospheric landscapes and seascapes using acrylics. She has lived and worked internationally. Her  paintings are held in collections in England, France, Australia, USA, Italy, Canada, and New Zealand.

Ken Garrett

Ken Garrett’s  background is Architecture, Industrial Design and Art. He Studied Architecture at John Moores University Liverpool/Sheffield University and Art at Liverpool College of Art.


Capturing the atmosphere is the main endeavour of his works executed in oils, acrylic and watercolour. His impressionist and abstract applications show influences of Turner, Monet, Rodin, da Vinci, Piranesi and Sir William Russell Flint. Landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, buildings, structures and construction sites are main themes in impressionist and abstract forms and are immediately identifiable as paintings.

Beth Xia

Beth Xia graduated from Falmouth University in 2017 with a degree in graphic design, since then she has been plying her trade with several notable Auckland design agencies.


Beth’s personal artworks offer a unique perspective on the fantastical, bizarre and joyful details of everyday life, her playful style brings familiar things to life in way that is fun and relatable.

Sally Heritage

Sally Heritage paints in watercolour and gets inspiration from streetscapes, landscapes, seascapes and the natural environment. She loves this medium for its challenging nature that can "never to be fully mastered". Sally has been practising for many years, on and off, as a hobby but is spending more time painting now and developing more skills and experience. She likes a loose style but strives to be more adventurous and abstract.

Rosa Lombardi

Rosa is Italian artists living on Waiheke Island. Her artwork is inspired by the island's beautiful nature and creative environment. Rosa paints on canvases and skateboards; produces art prints and prints on T-shirts. 

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Akanksha Kargwal

Akanksha Kargwal is an architect by profession and an artist by passion. She has been actively creating and selling art since 2012. She has recently moved to Auckland, New Zealand from India.


 She works with a wide range of mediums such as watercolour, acrylic, alcohol inks, gouache and embroidery on paper and canvas. 

  "I also like to create my own techniques in my work using mixed media. I find it exciting to explore new material and create art out of it.

My work is an artistic interpretation of what I see, feel and imagine along my various journeys in life. It is also a compilation of my visual experiences as a traveller.

 I have a keen interest in art subjects involving nature.New Zealand’s nature , landscape, flora and fauna have been a keen subject of interest lately".

Shailee Adke Barde

Shailee Adke Barde is an artist from India, living in New Zealand since 2017. She has been practicing 'traditional/folk art forms' from different parts of India for almost 10 years. Shailee Adke creates canvas paintings, art prints, hand-painted jewellery, bookmarks, coasters and cards! She has a degree in Textile Design from India and a certificate in Digital Media and Design from NZ. 

The artist offers unique 'customised hand-painted shoes and other accessories'

In her shop, you will find a variety of products - original canvas paintings, art prints, handmade jewellery, cards, postcards and of course, bags and shoes!

Anastasia Katalkina

Anastasia (Ana) Katalkina is an artist from Russia. Anastasia has been enjoying painting since her childhood. Ana has a Degree in Fashion Design, classification: knitwear from Omsk State Institute of Service. Her work was chosen for an exhibition at the Omsk State Regional Art museum. She worked at the BGD-Bogdanov Fashion house as a knitwear designer and knitting equipment programmer. Together with the chief designer, she created luxury jersey collections of women’s clothes.


She works in a variety of techniques and with various materials: clay modeling, tapestry weaving, working with sepia and pastel, linocut, cold and hot bows, as well as collage and illustration.

Ros Lowrey

Ros Lowrey, (full name Rosamund H R Wynne Lowrey) is a New Zealand Artist living in Mount Eden, Auckland. She was originally from the UK but married a New Zealander in London and set off to travel the world with. She has an Honours Bachelor’s in Art, Design and Education from Birmingham University (UK) where she focussed on Textile design and illustration. 

Her father was a water colourist and taught by him she has been painting and creating from a young age. Everything she ever focussed on has been art and design based. She is now a full time artist after leaving a long career of full time Art and Design secondary teaching in Auckland 5 years ago. 

She works mainly in watercolour, although she has some etchings and has recently started to transfer many ideas into oils. Her artwork often makes social comments on NZ and its colonial past, sometimes with a particular reference to endangered or extinct birds. She also has an interest in still life, historic rooms and miscellaneous objects and she uses a range of images collected on travels in New Zealand and the UK in her work.

Maia O'Callaghan

Maia O'Callaghan lives in Auckland, New Zealand, and enjoys recreating New Zealand species in her own style, full of detail, and natural colours. She is a young, upcoming artist, new to the scene, and enjoys creating works for the world to see.

“I use coloured pencils and pastel pencils, and I have been doing so for a year now. I started practicing art in lockdown last year, and haven't stopped since. I have been looking for opportunities to advance my art career, and have been doing so through this exhibition,  along with selling my works and commissions. I  mainly focus on animal portraits, and have dabbled in both landscapes and portraits as well”.

Robin Scott​

Robin Scott is an emerging New Zealand artist. Her works are visually rich and stimulating. Robin enjoys painting New Zealand landscape and everyday life. Her artworks are truly unique that evoke emotions and will enhance any room.